Repair & Upgrade Costs
Home repair & upgrade costs tend to vary but you can typically expect to pay $275 – $1,500 according to what needs to be repaired or upgraded. For more information just give me a call and I will give you a free estimate!

Some typical repairs or upgrades include:

  • Replace metal chimney flashings and roof valleys.
  • Regrade ground surface to divert surface water.
  • Upgrade electric service to 200 amps; includes new service cable and main distribution panel (no additional wiring or circuits).
  • Remove ceramic tile and damaged substrate. Install waterproof substrate and new tile in damaged area only.
  • Install 20-year, standard fiberglass reinforced asphalt composition shingles. Average home, 1,500 SF roof. Removal of existing shingles not included.
  • Replace standard gas fired, forced air heating unit. Average home. Approximately 100,000 BTU input.
  • Replace failed chimney lining. Average 2-story home. Average difficulty; stainless steel.
  • Treatment of soil for termites. Average home. Average difficulty.
  • Replace pipe from septic tank to distribution box.
  • Replace septic tank.