Termite Inspection

Average Fee: $65 – $100

Most lenders will require that a wood destroying pest inspection is performed on the house you’re buying or selling, prior to closing. This will help ensure that it does not have an active pest infestation or readily visible major structural damage from wood destroying insects. The following insects are classified as wood destroying insects: termites, wood boring beetles, and wood destroying ants.

This pest inspection is best done at the same time as the home inspection. That way if the home inspector sees wood damage that is questionable to him, the pest inspector can verify if it is in fact caused by insects and if so, what type of insect. If the pest inspector finds damaged framing members or supports, the home inspector can determine if the damage to the structure is significant or if it has weakened the framing members and supports. Homebuyers often overreact after discovering that a house has had damage or treatment for wood destroying pests and on occasion loose interest in the house. Actually, the discovery of an infestation should not be a cause for alarm. Concern yes, but alarm no. Most pest infestations (probably 80%) are either inactive or have already been treated to correct the problem.

There have been many half-truths spread throughout the community about the great need to “chemically treat” every bit of wood in a house to protect it from the destructive capabilities of wood destroying insects. Most of these half-truths have been brought about by the people that treat them. We’re not implying that chemical treatments are not necessary; however, we are saying that if the general public was more educated about wood destroying insects and how they get into a house, etc., about 30% to 40% of the homes would not need to be chemically treated. If you do need to chemically treat a house, the average cost could range from $450 to $900.

That is why we feel that its important to have a home inspection done at the same time as the wood destroying insect inspection so as to get an unbiased, neutral, third-party opinion.

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