Well Water Analysis

Average Fee: $95 – $150

Domestic water is generally supplied to a home through public water municipality’s (or water districts) or a private well. Water supplied by public water companies is periodically tested to meet rigid EPA standards and is usually safe to drink and does not pose a health risk.

Private water supplies can be safe to drink, but they can also be contaminated, and the only way to tell whether the water is potable and safe to drink is by testing. Generally speaking, a “conventional loan” will only require a Coliform Bacteria test be performed. A concerned buyer may want other tests done on the water such as those listed below for FHA and VA loans but they are not required. For FHA and VA loans, the following tests are normally required: Coliform Bacteria, Nitrates, Nitrites, and contaminants of local concern (i.e. pH, Hardness, Lead, Copper, Iron, etc.). An FHA loan will also require a lead in water test be performed.

Water samples need to be kept refrigerated until they reach the lab and must be delivered to the lab within 12-24 hours of the test; therefore, water quality tests are done only in the AM on Monday through Thursday. Test fees vary depending on the tests needed.

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